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Primary Care Coordination

Primary Care Coordination

Help to get healthy and stay healthy

If you are an adult or child on Medicaid, we can help you and your family to:

  • Find a doctor who accepts Medicaid

  • Understand your results from medical tests

  • Schedule doctor appointments

  • Attend doctor appointments and talk about your healthcare needs

  • Help with your care while in the hospital

  • Move from inpatient to outpatient care

  • Follow up care when or after leaving the hospital

  • Manage medications

  • Find community resources

  • Locate specialty care, including mental health and substance use services

  • Use Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) services

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

We work with you where you need us:

At home, the doctor's office, the hospital, the Mental Health Center, other community facilities, or anywhere you feel comfortable

How to get help:

To enroll in services, click HERE to contact us or ask your provider to refer you.

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